Thursday, February 24, 2011

Her Willingness To Endure

makes me happy.

Right after writing a post about living in the now I was about to write a post about how I believe Cashius hates her life now.

I mean, ever since Byrdie was born there just hasn't been the same hour long daily walks we used to share.

My attention is now certainly divided.

Sometimes I tie you to a bench while I push Byrdie in the swing.

And some days it isn't until I'm crawling into bed and moving Cashius out of my spot that I take a few seconds to tell her what a great dog she is.

My solution to Cashius' chronically sad face has been to tell her, "Well at least you have years of good times to remember, some dogs don't even have that! Why don't you lie there and think about them for a while?"

It never made me feel good to say these words.

No kidding.

I'm giving her the exact opposite advice of that what I give myself daily, 'Live in the now.'

Maybe next time I'll try, "Come on Cash! Let's go for a long walk. Just you and me. And read all your pee-mails. Let's get you some now!"

Oh, how I'll try.

1 comment:

Kate said...

My dog can totally relate. Maybe Cashius and Blane should form some sort of doggy support group? :)