Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Ride To The Subway

makes me happy.

Thanks to everyone who sent me those kind feel better messages. It's nice to know you're all cool and supportive of my down times.

As most of you know I loathe complaining, I find it useless, often self indulgent and unhealthy. Yet I also believe not being honest with you all, Kev, my family, friends and most importantly myself is even more unhealthy. So I choose to share my truths and also my solutions.

Solutions. For me that's the magic key. If I recognize that I'm feeling ABC, then you better believe I'm going to try EFG or XYZ until I'm feeling H.A.P.P.Y. again.

I don't believe happiness is just a gift we give ourselves. As a child I know my greatest wish was for the people around me to be happy, when they were happy - I was happy. It is my belief that feeling joy, peace and happiness is a gift we give the world.

And getting a ride to the subway may just be one of the best solutions I had yesterday for bringing back the smiles.

Just sayin' is all.


Anonymous said...

I knew you'd feel better soon. We all get down - but you know exactly how to bring yourself back up. Hang in there....they said it'll only snow 17 more feet in Canada before there will be sunshine. Feel better now :)

Life in the Hills said...

You have the most beautiful smile...
contagious, really.
And gorgeous teeth too.