Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Tale of Ten Fridges

makes me happy.

Kev, Byrdie and I began moving above ground this weekend! Yeah, that's awesome.

Which also meant mom and dad were finishing their move next door. Part of this move included their fridge, which my mom has a certain affinity to because of it's large-on-the-bottom-drawer-freezer.

So while I chased the Byrd around Kevyn and Sandy began moving mom's special fridge. I'm sure you can tell where I'm going with this, as did I when my heart jumped into my throat as the sudden "Whoa!" and "Grab it!" screams came from the stairs of the front stoop.

By the time I got there the boys were fine, a little shaken up, and the fridge was upright. Apparently when they set the fridge down to rest she wasn't quite on the stair, one large teeter-totter but no worse for the wear.

Or so we all thought. Once upstairs in their new kitchen, mom and dad's speacial large-on-the-bottom-drawer-freezer fridge didn't start up again.


Of course when I go up to see them I'm all emotional again, just as I have been for the past couple months, feeling bad that mom's favourite large-on-the-bottom-drawer-freezer fridge is broken and certainly bummed out that another couple grand is about to fly out the window, and of course not looking forward to have any more family members lug another fridge up or down the stairs.

And then my dad was all like, "Who cares, it's just a thing. Isn't that what you always tell us - things don't matter?"

Yup, I do. No they don't. And man, did you ever just make me feel better.

Now on to the solution.

Okay, it's super snowy and cold outside, so why don't we grab a cooler and load the freeze contents into it and throw it on the balcony till we get another fridge up here. Cool.

Mom, why don't you and I go through the frozen food and see if there's anything that could be tossed as space will be limited. Check.

And dad, why don't you come back with the cooler as soon as we've loaded up one large bag with food for the garbage, lean on the fridge, and then ask with the same astonishment in your voice as is on our faces "Did the fridge just start running again?"

Yeah she did. Oh yeah she did!

Note - clearly the photo above is not of the large-on-the-bottom-drawer-freezer fridge, rather just one Kev snapped of me cleaning our regular-freezer-on-top fridge today. Could you tell a man took this photo? Thought so.


melencoly said...

If you read the instructions of the fridge you would have realized that they have to be vertical at all times. Something to do with the condenser. Most of them say if they have been turned upside down or on the side you may have to wait 1 - 24 hrs before it will work again.

Life in the Hills said...

such a cute little tooshie.....

BTW I hope your mom's fridge will work after the 24 hours of settling.
Same thing happened to me and it did eventually work again.