Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting Back Inside

makes me happy.

Remember all that beautiful weather we were enjoying here last week? Walking around Queen St. Visiting the zoo.

Well, it's gone.

But you know that's not going to slow down this fun train. It was no matter really. The fun was planned for indoors last night where a bunch of us decided to participate in a culinary challenge, judging the offerings of three student chefs and enjoying each dish with a specific paired wine.

Very fun.

Up first - artic char, which I sadly, did not like and I'm a fish girl! Perhaps the cilantro was biggest personal issue with the dish.

What's the deal with cilantro anyway? Everyone seems to either love it or hate it. Very little middle ground when it comes to cilantro, true?

Cornish hen three ways? Yes please.

Not only super tasty but I also totally dug the presentation.

And the buttery chardonnay it was paired with was perfection.

Beef cheeks? Why not? You know I was actually loving this dish the most until the sauce started to taste very much like something out of a BBQ sauce jar.


Sometimes I lost focus because of the company. The company is as import as any flavour or presentation, true?

As is the wine.

And the kind thought someone had for me to have a birthday do-over.

Basically, all in all... we're talking a pretty frickin' fun time.

Note - The Cornish Hen 3 Ways won.

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Seatownfoodie said...

There is an actual genetic disposition that people have where cilantro reacts with taste buds and smell receptors to give off a "soap like" flavor. :)