Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Outside

makes me happy.

It was pouring this morning. So hard, in fact, that I drove Kev to the subway which is only a five minute walk away.

But by the afternoon... it was sunny enough to go shoe shopping on Queen St!

We actually went shoe exchanging, Laura had bought them their first pairs of Chuck Taylors for Christmas but a wee bit too small, so exchanging we went.

Evan was all like, "Hey Byrdie! Look...


"And Pigeons!"

And Byrdie was all like "New shoes! I'm wearing them out."

And then we went and picked up Kev from the bar. Which actually turned out to be perfect timing because I got to meet a couple of his favourite regulars who not only sent us home with the most thoughtful card and a lovely bottle of wine but also with a bag full of the coolest clothes for Byrdie.

Kevyn and I are certainly blessed when it comes to meeting wonderful people in our work places.

Back at the bar Evan was all... "Lemon!"

And his mom was all like... "Beer!"

And then as we left Byrdie was all "It's 6pm and still light out!"

Okay maybe that was me but... "It's 6pm and still light out!"

Spring is coming and we're getting outside. Oh yeah!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

How much fun to always get to hang with your BFF- lucky kids, lucky parents!

(and lucky all of us now that spring is coming)

Anonymous said...

Loving her little sneakers. She can rock them!