Monday, March 21, 2011

Mud Pies

make me happy.

My friend Adel bought Byrdie this silly little book called Yummy Yucky when she was just a new born thing.

It's a very simple book, one page labels and illustrates something that is yummy to eat, say a 'Burger,' and the opposite page labels and illustrates something that is yucky to eat, say 'Boogers.'

Byrdie loves it. One of her very favourite books.

Without a doubt this book has taught her that soup, blueberries, and ear wax are yucky to eat. While soap, blue crayons, and eggs are yummy to eat.

What she didn't seem entirely convinced about the other day was if mud pies are yucky or yummmmmm eeeeee.


2 comments: Maegan said...

lol ...adorable!!!!

Fit With Flash said...

Kids' books are by far the BEST sorts of books. I think I'd enjoy this one...