Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Oh Yeahs

makes me happy.

Man, I'm telling you, after today's performance I could very well be up for the Mom of the Year award.

Kay, so I don't know about you guys but my kid likes to walk around the grocery store. And I like to let her. I mean seriously, how boring must it get sitting in that cart all the time. Now when I let Byrdie walk around the grocery store I know the whole shopping experience is going to take twice as long because 90% of the time she's out of the cart I'm not shopping, rather chasing her around, making sure she isn't getting in people's way or pulling things off the shelf. That's cool because when I take her I always leave myself lots of extra time

Well today she didn't get in any one's way. Just the opposite in fact, she was waving, smiling and making friends all over the joint. But as for the pulling things off the shelf part... I'm might have dropped the ball... or the eggs, if you want to be more specific. I thought we were in a safe zone! Milk on one side and freezers on the other! Shit - I forgot about the eggs. By the time I turned around and started running toward her, she was running toward the eggs.


Eight of twelve gone.

Clearly after apologizing profusely to one of the employees who was so sweet and told us it wasn't a bother to clean it up (what a kind soul) the rest of the trip us spent in the cart.

And while trucking around in the boring cart Byrdie asked to hold on to my cars keys that were hanging from my neck. Sure! Why not? I'll just put them around her neck and she can mess around with them if it makes her happy.

All good until we went to leave and I didn't have the keys... and neither did Byrdie. Seriously? When the heck did you take them off your neck kid?

Luckily some other kind soul had already turned them into customer service.

Back at home I began unloading the groceries while Kev and my dad poured cement at the edge of the kitchen where we had just knocked down that brick wall. Byrdie came over and asked me for a spoon. Absolutely. She loves playing with spoons pretending to stir things.

Then all of a sudden it became very quite. Yeah see, the men had stepped out to the garage and Byrdie was stirring. Really stirring. The perfectly laid cement they had just poured. Luckily dad managed to just tap it out.

The moral of the story? As Byrdie can attest to in the video above - mommy says, "For sure!" "Okay!" and "Oh yeah!" around here a lot.

Grounds for Mother of the Year?


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