Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Great Room

makes me happy.

This is the space that I want to try and keep you posted on in our house. The space where we recently knocked down that brick wall.

Our great room type space. Meaning it will house kitchen, dining and living in one.

It's the space that is set to undergo the biggest transformation and the ideas and plans for have been all over the map!

I think we've finally settled on something and things are already changing - hence the quick photo shoot from the four corners of the space to get it documented.

Better and more informative photos to come.

Note - My husband just had me in stitches for the last 2 hours by recounting his day for me. He began his story back in the hot tub an hour before these photos were taken... "For real - I have balanced the trolley on the escalator before Stacy."

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