Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh, And The Turkey

makes me happy.

The last post of Easter photos - promise.

But I just couldn't end the week without mentioning the most delicious turkey dinner mom prepared for everyone.

Not only did she happily shop, prepare and serve the meal in her home,

mom also insisted we all relax after dinner and she'd take care of the clean-up.

Happy Chocolate Bunnies For Jesus Day indeed!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Other Park

makes me happy.

I'll tell you my one problem with all this park time.

Now on rainy days,

like today,

the kids are all full of beans because they're so use to playing outside everyday but have no outlet.

Hello shopping mall!

Yup, today we were those parents. Hey man, I want my kid to sleep tonight, and with a little elbow grease they'll totally be able to wipe those sloppy kiss marks off the window of jewelery store - right?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

makes me happy.

Here's a story for you.

This afternoon Kevyn decided to join Byrdie and I on our trip to the grocery store.

I love when he joins us because him and Byrdie run around and have fun while I get the shopping done.

At one point in our journey, I believe it was in the meat section, we came across a 'Slippery When Wet' sign. You know, one of those yellow folding floor signs.

Well the Byrd loved it! She kept crawling through it and sitting under it, pretending it was her house. Kevyn was there, yukking it up with her, so on I went to the dairy section. A couple minutes later in the frozen pizza section I heard a cry. And you know how you know your kid's cry? Well the cry I heard was Byrdie's. But it didn't make sense that she would be crying, after all, she was safe and sound with her daddy?!?

As I would learn a few moments later, in the health food aisle... it was.

She was devastated when daddy pulled her away from her yellow caution sign house and began to cry.

But on the crying went.

On, and on, and on, and on.

Very strange. Byrdie doesn't usually suck out for very long. Hmmmm.

So I'm rushing to finish. Byrdie's crying away. And Kevyn is acting kind of weird.

Finally we're at the cash out when I take Byrdie in my arms. And as Kev unloads the goods on to the belt and suggests I check her left arm to see if it's moving?



"Well, when I took her away from the slippery when wet sign I swung her around by her arms to get her mind off it and I may, or may not, have heard a pop." Kevyn replies.

Sure enough, she's not moving her arm.

I'm speechless.

Back at home I rush her over to my mom's to get a professionals opinion (a professional mom - that is). Outlook... uncertain.

There was more crying. Lots of cuddling. Some massaging. Still, she wasn't herself.

Until daddy came over and knelt down to see how she was doing. As he stood up and stepped back, still feeling horrible and hopeless, Kevyn tripped over Cashius' paw and tumbled backwards, ass over head.

Silence. Shock. Laughter!

From everyone. Byrdie included.

Arm moving, lips turned up, eyes sparkling.

A happy, healthy Byrd and one VERY relieved husband.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Her Magic Word

makes me happy.

My child asks a lot of me.

And I don't mean that in the obscure - motherhood is so demanding kind of way.

No, I mean literally.

This child is constantly asking me to do physical things.

"Mommy sit down!"

"Mommy stand up!"

"Mommy pick up!"

"Mommy spin around!"

My response is usually,

"What's the magic word?"

And Byrdie's response to that, "Please-okay!"

Which cracks me up every time.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Handling My Landlording Duties Swiftly

makes me happy.

It's the wild animal kingdom in our backyard again.

"Welcome back Mrs Nesbitt. Mr Karl Hungus. Good to see you again. Clearly you enjoyed your stay last year, yes?"

"We do run a sweet retreat back here don't we?"

Perhaps it's because we're quick to make sure everyone is playing fairly back here. As in any fine kingdom we often run into disputes over territory and nesting rights...

but feel no way about stepping and and telling Johnny Come Lately Black Squirrel that this tree is spoken for!

"You're welcome Mrs Robinson!"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kevyn Post Hot Tub

makes me happy.

The hot tub is located on the far side of the compound, over by Kelly & Sandy's house.

It was raining when we got in the tub this evening so Kev put our robes under their back porch. As he was grabbing them post-tub he glanced in their dining room window, where he happened to see Evan sitting on Kelly's lap in the living room.

He chuckled.

You see, we ALL put the kids down around 7:45pm, and this was WAAAAAY past 7:45pm.

And though Kev smiled, and pointed, and chuckled at Kelly, it wasn't so much with "Ha! Sucker. Your kid is still up!'in mind. No, I believe it was more, "Sorry dude, but I'm glad it's not me." Wink.

Seriously though, those couple hours we have together, just the two of us, once The Byrd goes down, are as magical as the days are together with her.

Monday, April 18, 2011

How D'Afoleyington's Like To Spend Their Weekends

makes me happy.

Some may like to kick back and watch the game on the weekend.

While others may find sipping on a martini before an elegant meal on Saturday night their most perfect way to relax.

And still others might tell me hopping on a plane destined for a beach would be their weekend bliss.

Not us Foleys,


and Billingtons.

No, we like to shoot television pilots for shits and giggles on our weekends.

No seriously, that's what we did this weekend.

And you know what?

Not only did we meet the most awesome people doing it...

we also had so much fun together...

as a family.

These people are frickin' hilarious, and smart,

and open, and witty, and kind,

and I'm so lucky and proud to call them my family.

Just doing our part over here to help bring you quality television people.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Complimentary Friends

make me happy.

It wasn't on our way to dinner,

or over cocktails,

or meatballs,

or dessert.

It wasn't on our way to Len's tree,

or even at his tree.

No, I think it was sometime after Sushee let us in the front door, probably while we were sitting in the hot tub, when Kev shared this thought with me... "You know, friends should compliment your lifestyle not complicate it."

Well said Mr. Billington. Well said.