Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Both Round & Curvy And Small & Tight

make me happy.

Ever since this recent pregnancy and miscarriage I've been carrying around an extra couple pounds and have not yet been able to shake them.

Now I'm not sure I have anything super positive to say about that (except maybe 'Man, do I ever have a nice round ass!') but what I surely don't have to say is anything negative.

It appears to me that we have become a seriously deranged species when it comes to body image and I have no interest in perpetuating this insanity with another generation.

I mean, I can walk, I can play on the ground with Byrdie, I can work, I can make love to my husband, I can cook meals and clean my house. So would it make sense for my wee child to hear mommy complain about how much she hates her body and wishes it was something else other then what it is right now? Absolutely not. Would it make more sense for her to help mommy get all her salad fixin's from the fridge, count mommy's push-ups, and endure those extra long walks to the park? Absolutely!

It could be supposed I'm lucky because my education is in health and fitness, although given this is the age of information I find it hard to believe that anyone couldn't learn some of the basics about wellness on their own or thorough friends and family, but it is still the doing, in my opinion, that is much more of a challenge then the knowing.

So I'm doing. I'm doing what I can with the time and resources I have available, always keeping in mind that longevity of wellness trumps all, and see where it takes me.

Any which way my ass turns out, I'm grateful for this body and will instill nothing but love of self into that little girl of mine.


mother goose said...

thank you. from the bottom of my heart. not to sound creepy at all (why hello there stranger) but i just wanted you to know that i admire you in so many ways and your outlook/philosophy in life has always been a source of inspiration to me and how i raise my darling daughter. thank you..because even through your miscarriage, through your loss, you're marching through life admirably! sending you and your family loads of love, peace and happiness!

Fit With Flash said...

You've got that ish. Way to keep positive. There's an exercise on my page if you want an idea or two (maybe? no pressure). Have a great rest of your week!

Anonymous said...

bravo chicky poo - bravo. Cheers to mid size asses!