Monday, April 18, 2011

How D'Afoleyington's Like To Spend Their Weekends

makes me happy.

Some may like to kick back and watch the game on the weekend.

While others may find sipping on a martini before an elegant meal on Saturday night their most perfect way to relax.

And still others might tell me hopping on a plane destined for a beach would be their weekend bliss.

Not us Foleys,


and Billingtons.

No, we like to shoot television pilots for shits and giggles on our weekends.

No seriously, that's what we did this weekend.

And you know what?

Not only did we meet the most awesome people doing it...

we also had so much fun together...

as a family.

These people are frickin' hilarious, and smart,

and open, and witty, and kind,

and I'm so lucky and proud to call them my family.

Just doing our part over here to help bring you quality television people.

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i am playing outside said...

what show will you be on now!?