Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kevyn Post Hot Tub

makes me happy.

The hot tub is located on the far side of the compound, over by Kelly & Sandy's house.

It was raining when we got in the tub this evening so Kev put our robes under their back porch. As he was grabbing them post-tub he glanced in their dining room window, where he happened to see Evan sitting on Kelly's lap in the living room.

He chuckled.

You see, we ALL put the kids down around 7:45pm, and this was WAAAAAY past 7:45pm.

And though Kev smiled, and pointed, and chuckled at Kelly, it wasn't so much with "Ha! Sucker. Your kid is still up!'in mind. No, I believe it was more, "Sorry dude, but I'm glad it's not me." Wink.

Seriously though, those couple hours we have together, just the two of us, once The Byrd goes down, are as magical as the days are together with her.

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Anonymous said...

lol - he's got red hot girly legs!