Monday, April 4, 2011

The Whites

make me happy.

Kev and I hit up the California Wine Tasting this afternoon at the Fairmont Royal York.

I was looking for some previous posts about this event, as we've done it for probably the last 6 years, save 2009 when I was pregnant, and alas, last year's visit was the only other post I found about it.

Anyhoo - we always go, it usually falls around April 19th, which tends to be a gloriously sunny day of spring, and we usually run into a million people we know.

Well obviously today was not April 19th. And let me tell you, it was not gloriously sunny either, although the rather strong wind out there was actually fairly warm. And we didn't run into a million people we know (maybe only a half million this year).

But you know what? That was totally cool.

As oaky chardonnay's are not really our thing and red's these days seem best enjoyed with a meal, Kev and I decided to tour the wine selection looking for the light and mineral-y whites. Tricky in the state of California indeed.

We were up for the challenge and actually ascertained there are a few such gems growing on the west coast.

We also messed around with the camera, walked around in that warm wind and enjoyed intimate and interesting conversations.

So basically today was kinda the same, kinda different, and all good.

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