Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bat Meeting Ball

makes me happy.

I got greedy.

Sunday afternoon softball apparently just wasn't enough softball for me this week. Truth be told, given the opportunity and means, I'd love to play softball three or four times a week in the summer. Alas this is not the case... yet.

But this week the opportunity did present it self to join Coach's Tuesday night team for a game under the lights last night. And even though the game didn't start until 9pm, which meant I would be up way past my normal bedtime, and I had to rush to get down to the diamond after waiting to leave after I got Byrdie to bed, I was still super pumped to get to play again.

Kev was at the Blue Jays game but when I texted him I was going down to play he cut out of the there a bit early to catch the last couple innings of my game. Ahhh, must be love.

So there I am, my last at bat, husband standing right behind me on the other side of the cage telling me to 'be patient, wait for it to come to me, keep your eye on it.'

First pitch... I let it go.

Second pitch... I let it go.

Third pitch... Ka-chow!

Opposite way over the right fielders head who was clearly showing me no respect.

"On your horse!" I hear coach yell. You don't have to tell me twice, running fast is what I was born to do!

A stand up triple. Oh yeah.

Now I'm perched on third ready to run it home. Next batter hits another ding-er out to right field. An easy tag up. Wait, wait, wait. Fielder makes the catch and I'm off...

POP! It's like the tendon on the bottom of my foot has completely detached from the heel. Hop, hop, hop. I make it home. The run scores. I can hardly walk.

Oh good ol' plantar fasciitis, I thought we had broken up many years ago?!?

I guess not. What a total bummer, I can't put any weight on it and literally have to crawl into my bedroom once we get home.

While crawling toward my bed I notice Cashius lying on the floor under our window which is a very odd place for her to lie. So I double back to take another look and ask her "Are you dead?" Not really thinking she was but feeling very strange about where she's lying. Cash blinks her eyes indicating she is in fact not dead and I continue up onto the bed. Kev comes into the room shortly after and I ask him to check on Cash as I'm concerned as to why she's lying where she is. When he leans over to pet her she yelps and he notices pee around her. Now here is reason to be concerned, I mean this dog could literally hold her pee for a week if I asked her too. Back off the bed I get. Lie beside her, talk to her, pet her. Eventually Kev coaxes her to her feet and bribes her to walk with promise of a liver treat. She seemed kind of out of it, a little wobbly, and terribly melancholy. We got her into her own bed and hoped for the best.

This morning I could barely walk but Cashius was alive and seemed to be getting back to her old self. We're wondering if maybe she fell off our bed while sleeping last night?

Now I've been limping around all day, thinking about my A ++ dog, but I've got to say, my mind has stayed strong. Whenever it slips and starts worrying, "How long will my foot take to heal? What will happen if I loose Cashius?" I am able to quickly bring myself back to the present moment and recognize that this is just the way things are right now and know in my heart that my foot will get better as quickly as it can and Cashius will stay with us as long as she can. Worrying will change neither scenarios for the better in fact it might just do the opposite.

So be a doll and send Cashius some more positive vibes for us will you?

And as far as my plantar faciitis? Ice, orthotics, anybody got any other miracle treatments up their sleeve? Please share.

Many thanks.


Alexis said...

Grab a tennis ball and roll it under your foot (a rolling pin works too). You'll have to apply some pressure to start and it'll hurt, but it works. It will release some of the tension built up in the fascia under your foot. To release the tension behind your ankle bones, perch the ball of your foot on a stair and lower your heel until you feel a stretch there.
I find when I'm running a lot, I use the tennis ball every night to keep that area really loose.

All the best for speedy recovery!

beans said...

i have some pretty crazy stuff happening in my life right now and you won't believe how much this sentence just helped

"I am able to quickly bring myself back to the present moment and recognize that this is just the way things are right now and know in my heart that my foot will get better as quickly as it can and Cashius will stay with us as long as she can."

thank you :)
speedy recovery for both you and your girl!

LisaG said...

A friend in my kickboxing class has it and is in physio as she is training for a marathon and can't stop. She was told to lay a towel in front of her toes and then grab it with her toes and scrunch it (gather it up) and the release it. If that makes sense?

Hopefully you feel some relief soon!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Oh no, poor Cash! I hope she is back to her old self soon.