Monday, June 13, 2011

Doing The Gruffalo's Voice

makes me happy.

My brother in-law Sandy told me the funniest thing tonight.

We were having a conversation about which books Evan and Byrdie enjoy having read to them the most these days,

and the conversation quickly changed to ,

which books do we enjoying reading to them the most.

Other parents please correct me if I'm wrong but, the right books become an integural part of the bedtime ritual.

Can't be to simple,

yet also not too wordy at this stage.

They're great if they rhyme and have characters that you can get into.

Which was when Sandy told us Evan loves when he gets into character,

and Sandy's totally all about doing the fun voices except when it comes to...

the women's voices.

He just can't seem to nail it so, each and every woman in Evan's books...

speak with an English accent!


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