Friday, June 17, 2011

A Frozen Farce

makes me happy.

I have this thing about frozen meat. I actually think I kind of have a bit of a thing about meat in general but that's another post.

Since Kelly turned into my neighbor she's been tring to show me the ways of frozen meat. Which seems to break down like this; package it properly, marinade prior to freezing if possible, and use relatively quickly.

And it seems to work. In the past year I've eaten much previously frozen fare off of Kelly and Sandy's grill and it's always been first rate.

So the other day when Kelly mentioned she's like to use up a few items in her freezer for our BBQ on Thursdsay I was all about it!

So much so, that Kevin felt the need to re-create the moment my sausage slipped off my bun, suggesting I just couldn't wait to get it in my mouth that I squeezed it so hard that it squirted out the other end.

Hilarious you two. Really hilarious.

Have a most excellent weekend.

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