Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot Wire Bugs

makes me happy.

One of the oldest memories I have is of playing in our backyard with my sister Kelly on hot, hot days and hearing those loud bugs that sing that seriously high pitched mating call.

At the time Kelly told me it was the wires buzzing overhead because they were too hot.

I'm sure she told me that to scare me and would probably deny the story if I asked her now.

I used to scare easily and over nothing.

Later on someone else told me it was a bug making that noise but I still couldn't get the wire thing out of my head so I always imagined the bug was sitting on the wire while making the noise.

Regardless, the feeling that memory gives me is warm and joyful.

Today was hot, hot, hot, like in that childhood memory and I'm hoping maybe, just maybe, today's dirt bath with Evan will be one of those memories that will always make the Byrd feel warm and joyful.

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