Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Knowing Why I'm Doing

makes me happy.

I received a really nice email from a reader the other day telling me she was a fan of the blog and asking me if I might have any tips on staying motivated to be fit and healthy.

I was touched by her kind words and found the question very thoughtful because really, I could sit here all day and write about my favourite exercises and meals, but knowing and doing are two very different things.

So what gets me doing?

It's quite simple actually - knowing my life is better when I exercise and eat whole foods keeps me doing.

Better because I can chase, pull, push, climb and carry my Byrd all over the place - true story, I carried her approx 2.5km, on a uphill trek home mid-day yesterday.

I can still do backhand springs and high kicks - how could life be anything but better with high kicks in it?

I take nice healthy poops everyday - now who doesn't like a good poop?

And I've been wearing the same size clothing for the last 15 years - I would have said 20 years but for some reason most of my old track t-shirts and such that I saved from high school are now a part of my husbands wardrobe (maybe I was a little bigger back then?).

All except my red hooded 'Saints' sweatshirt that is still an integral part of my wardrobe... unless I'm about to loose it to the Byrd.

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