Thursday, June 9, 2011

Their First Trip to Wonderland

makes me happy.

Look! She was all fun and smiles... until it started moving.

Now while I'm talking childhood memories, I'll tell you, I've got a lot of them from Wonderland.

Our parents always got us season passes and our mom would take us ALL THE TIME.

We would usually go right after dinner and spend the rest of the evening there. It was a great time to go because the heat from the summer's day would just be lifting and the crowds would be thinning.

We would go on all the best rides over, and over, and over again.

Get a funnel cake, watch the fireworks, and fall asleep on the ride home. Beauty.

Clearly we're not at that stage in the game with these two.

But the Tiny Tom's,

they were a hit!

And by our last ride, The Chopper Chase, we almost cracked a smile while it was moving.

Work with me kidlets! We're making 10am til noon the new 6pm til 10pm over here!

Different. But equally as awesome.

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The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Oh god, their faces in that second picture! I love it