Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Divers of The 80's

make me happy.

I've told you before that I spent a lot of time at Wonderland in my youth, yes?

As you can imagine many new rides and attractions that have been added
since the hay day of my childhood in the 80's,

yet so much of the park still remains the same.

Like the thrice daily dives off the 20 meter tall mountain which I always remembered as quite the impressive feet performed by equally impressive European type looking men in teeny, tiny black speedos, who would graciously swan dive over the falls and climb out of the water and all the way back up the mountain like spider-man just to do it all over again.

Now? Three dudes appear at the top of the mountain in wet suits,

jump in the water feet first, get out and bow. Show over.

I mean, call me crazy but there's a strong possibility that those Victory Falls divers really molded my future taste in men, yes?

So now where will that leave Byrdie?

Just sayin' is all.

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