Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lessons She's Reminding Us Of

make me happy.

Tonight after dinner Kevyn leaned over and said to me,

"You know, wouldn't it make the most sense to treat everyone, all the time, like they are dying?"

And I know he didn't mean it as in, to treat everyone like you feel sorry for them.

Rather, I believe he meant, to be present with them. With your full attention.

It reminded me of a similar sentiment I had when my girlfriend Adel was pregnant with her first daughter. I remember asking how wonderful would it be if we each treated each other with the same love, concern and compassion that we have for expecting mothers.

So basically as a species it seems we've figured out how important it is to be present with each other during birth and death but...

what about all the in between?

Call me crazy but I'm thinking I see a new personal marker of success in my life.

How present am I for alllllllll the in betweens?

On a side note: this was Byrdie's impersonation of her daddy lying in bed this morning.

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The traveller said...

Hi, This is Eeha....I came across your blog today morning and found it really interesting. It truly made me happy!! That's what you are aiming at right?? Deriving happiness from everything! Loved it!