Friday, July 1, 2011

Night Swimming

makes me happy.

We kicked off Canada early last night by inviting a few friends over for homemade burgers loaded with roasted garlic, green onions, blue cheese, worcestershire, sriracha, egg, bread crumbs, and salt & pepper.

We also did keeper coleslaw and ribs.

And even with all that tasty goodness I still had the most fun when...

got in the water

and did some night swimming and

photo taking!

Yea summer.

Happy Canada everyone!


Kate said...

Looks like a great night!

We made homemade burgers a few weeks ago and they kind of sucked. Yours sound amazing...will your share your recipe?

stacy said...

hey kate - that's pretty much it! i don't really measure anything i just toss it in until i think "man! now that's going to taste good!"