Friday, July 22, 2011

Shedding The Sore

makes me happy.

Our buddy Rob came over last night and we barbecued.

And as Rob comes over for dinner every week or so and during these glorious hot summer nights we're always firing up the barbecue I don't see how last night's events warranted the way I felt today.

My body was sore. So sore. And tight. And tired. Blahhh.

And on top of that there was a lot of pee and poop that needed to be tended to on my watch today. And anyone who's dealt with a lot of pee and poop on a daily basis before knows, it can becoming quite mentally exhausting after a while.

But then Byrd went down a bit early and very easily, I sat out back and read some of my August Vogue with Cashius, talked to Kev on the phone for a bit, did my yoga, watched the sunset, and ate part of a cold steak from last night's dinner.

And just like that, I'm all good.

But am now wondering if those all those Underwater for Distance challenges I kept having with Kev after dinner could have played a part in my sore body. Hmmm?

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