Monday, July 18, 2011

The Way People Love Her

makes me happy.

Many of you have reached out with love, support, and well wishes for us and Cashius.

Thank you.

I wasn't sure if I was going to share all the sorry details about the test results but I will because I feel the care.

Basically the ultra sound specialist broke it down like this in the report, 'The liver was enlarged and the entire parenchyma was distorted by the presence of numerous, mixed-echogenicity nodular masses with multifocal distribution.' And, 'Sadly, surgical options may be limited for this sweet patient.'

Soooo, liver cancer and we're lucky if she makes it through the month.

Now we get to the happy part of the story.

Our backyard has been like a revolving door.

Family and friends,

some whom have known Cash since day one,

others whom have only met her a handful of times,

some who pretend they're over to visit the kids,

or use the pool,

all of whom are really coming over to give our girl Cash one more ear rub.

People love her.

She loves people.

Everyday we wake up together is a gift.

So we're going after all the ear rubs we can get...

and maybe 1 or 2 10 or 20 extra liver treats a day.


Darlene in Upstate NY said...

Big hug, I know it's hard. Years ago we lost a dog to cancer and just found out a week ago we may lose another. Like people, all you can do is make memories together & love them to pieces while you have them. Again, big hug.

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Oh, poor Cash. I know you will make the best of the time you ahve left with her. I'm so sorry.

beans said...

i am SO incredibly sorry to hear about cash - i know this is unbelievably difficult and my thoughts are with you all!

Samilja said...

So sorry to hear this but am happy for Cashius that she has such love in her life and that you can all comfort each other (and of course her) during this difficult time. Big hugs to you all (and please give her an extra ear rub for me)!

Anonymous said...

*speechless in sympathy*

justme said...

i cannot believe this, and am so sad for you. wow, what a great family that Cashius came into and what love she has received. that's all we can ask for, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh geez, I just ready this. Enjoy your time with Cash. Love to you all!!