Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Enjoying Every August Moment

makes me happy.

Sunday we brought Byrdie to softball with us, parts of which she seemed to very much enjoy. These include; when mommy's not batting, when mommy's not fielding, when the game's over and looking at Kurt's booboo from sliding into third.

A lady who knows what she likes.

Following softball Kev and I had this magical plan in place to drive home, put Byrd down for her nap, jump back into the car and head up north to our buddy Deb's cottage for the night, leaving Byrdie in the care of Kelly and my mom.

Well, Miss Byrd did not want to go for her nap.

Of course, I always love when the Byrd enjoys a good afternoon nap, but I'm also always very patient when she wants to play silly willy and needs many books and much singing before she goes down. I'm lucky in that 97% of my time in the summer is devoted to Byrdie and patience is an easy thing to have when time is not an issue.

But that other 3% of the time, when you're hoping one run through of The Gruffalo and two quick itsy bitsies will do, and they don't... well in that moment, it got me running a little hot.

So I sent in Kevyn feeling confident he'd get the job done.

And then as I'm looking out the back window and watching the biggest, blackest clouds roll in with my mouth slightly agape, I hear Byrdie telling daddy which movie she wants to watch as he leads her to our bed!?!

Now I'm just like, really?!? This kid is not going to sleep, I'm leaving Kelly and my mom with a over-tired 2 year old and there is some sort of tornado about touch down in the backyard.

Kev comes out of the bedroom and I roll my eyes at his solution (which I hate! I hate seeing or doing the eyeroll!), apologize to Sandy who was the one that would in fact be in charge of Byrdie for the next hour or so if she didn't go down, pick up my bag, grab my pillow, and turn to walk out the front door when the sky explodes!

There is SO much rain.

I consider emptying my hands and walking back into the house.

I don't...

I'm glad.

Oh look! The sun came out again. Imagine that?

And rumour has it that Byrdie napped for 2 hours in our bed, heard as I roll my eyes forward in my head.

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...love Maegan said...

Byrdie is ADORABLE and I can't get over how big she is now... man, time flies. That shot of her with the sunglasses is AMAZING. I pinned it, so you know ;) xoxo