Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Laughing & Crying Crying & Laughing

makes me happy.

Although there have been many moments of sadness every single day since Cash has passed, we were lucky enough to share them together as Kev had already booked some time off for Shark Week.

So we cried together, and remembered together, and laughed together, and cried together. And also continued on with our Shark Week 2011 plans.

Which included an adult trip to Wonderland during the magic light hours.

Find the light birthday boy...

find the light.

Oh how my husband makes me smile.

Another night we hit a patio and...

took in a ball game.

Yeah those seats don't suck at all.

Kev and I also took Byrdie, Evan and Bella for a hike in Cedarvale Park.

It was probably Cash's favourite place in the world.

I picked out this simple outfit for Kev's birthday...

and found some love in the details.

We stumbled upon a confectionery promotion pre concert another night.


not my thing.

But a mellow concert, on a warm summer night, with a beer and friends sure was.

And that just gets us to Friday.

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Mme Farrell said...

Great pics! Glad you had a great birthday!