Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Playing With Real Flour Making Pretend Cookies

makes me happy.

The other night as Kev was cleaning up after dinner and I bloggy, blogging away, he lends over the kitchen counter and asks me on the couch below if the leftover broccoli and roasted peppers can go in the same glass container?

'Sure,' I reply.

'Yeeeeeeessssssss,' I hear him respond to no one in particular.

So I sit there for a minute, pondering this personal victory Kevyn has just enjoyed.

'Why the yes,' I have to ask?

'Just because I'm glad that it doesn't creep you out that the peppers and the broccoli touch. I know how you feel about the meat being stored in the fridge on the shelf above the produce so I always try not to do it,' he explains.

I know somewhere in that response lies a very thoughtful husband.

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Katie said...

Dear Stacy and Kevyn,

I just wanted to say I miss Cash too... It was only with her passing and your past pics that I realized how long I have religiously read your blog. Your family is inspiring and you have become a staple on my desktop, now for years! Please keep living like you do!!