Monday, August 22, 2011

A Sister-In-Law Who Also Takes Photos

makes me happy.

We had a small party for Byrdie on Saturday afternoon, the 20th, which also happens to be my dad's birthday.

I managed to snap a few photos but,

I've noticed there are some events in life that I really just want to enjoy live in the moment and not necessarily behind my camera.

On a side note - that very feeling has had me thinking for a while that I'd love to offer a service wherein people hire me to come and photograph their children's birthday parties. You know, nothing to serious and structured, just capturing the love in the moments.

Anyhoo, while my camera wasn't exactly full of birthday moments the next day my inbox was! My sister-in-law Joy had snapped many awesome shots and mailed then right over. Awesome.

Also, Byrdie taught my dad how to smile, picked a out a chocolate cake for him and a vanilla cake for herself and...

then changed her mind and ate the chocolate one.

Atta girl!

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