Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebrating Patti's Love

makes me happy.

This pass weekend I was invited up north to celebrate my girlfriend Patti and the love she shares with her soon-to-be husband Paul.

As Patti and I developed a friendship shorty before I became pregnant with Byrdie, I can't say I've had the chance to hang socially with her and her crew all that often, so I knew this would be a great opportunity to meet some new lady folk... sort of.

Some of the lady folk were actually very mutual buddies, like Miss Laura, who you've probably seen on this here blog, say... 100 or so times.

And Jodi, whom we both had the joy of working with for the past 3 years.

Then there was JR, whom I actually went to high school with.

And Lu, whom I did gymnastics with when we were young and spry, and then worked a bar together about a dozen years ago.

Lastly there was the lovely Liz, whom I had had the chance to meet only once before BUT shared a laugh over the fact that I had dated her current boyfriend briefly in another lifetime.

So not exactly new ladies but definitely awesome ones that I was happy to get to know again.

Now back to Patti...

and the fact that's she's madly in love,

and about to marry someone who makes her smile,

and laugh.

Which, in turn,

will make the world...

smile and laugh along with them.

Does it get any better?

Maybe only if you're eating TimTams while smiling and laughing and loving.

Seriously?!? Have you tried these things?


Tracy said...

What a trip to see Tim Tams featured in your post! I thought you could only get those here in Australia.

Something people do with Tim Tams which is equal parts gross and delicious is to bite the top corner off one side, and the bottom corner off the other side then use it almost like a straw in a hot drink. So wrong but so right...


stacy said...

thankfully tracy they are still only available in australia! one of patti's friends had brought them over for her.
and that is exactly how she had us enjoy them - sucking warm bailey's and coffee through them.
my dear, if they sold them here i would have a serious problem!

Anonymous said...

I'm in Toronto and a lot of the grocery stores have them...Lob laws, brunos, Sobeys and I also seen them in Home outfitters.....the caramel is so good. So addictive!

stacy said...

noooooo! anonymous - why did you have to go and tell me that! i was much more at peace when i thought they were only available on the other side of the planet.

Paul "the Rouse" Rousom said...

Stacey, that was such a nice thing. For you to blog? It looks like you "ladies" had some great times.was anyone drinking??!! Anyhoo, thanks from her soon to be Hubby, she had a blast with all of you.........her liver, not so much!!!