Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jarring Tomatoes

makes me happy.

We jarred our own tomato sauce this weekend!

This is something I've wanted to do FOREVER. In my world forever started way back when, say 15 years ago, my mom's dear friend Nina gave me a jar of her homemade sauce. Since that day both Kelly and I have intermittently picked Nina's brain about her saucy techniques and secrets, thinking maybe one day we'd get around to giving it a try.

Well my desire to jar was set a fire when Sandy entered the picture a few years later, bringing with him jars of his mother's homemade sauce.


Well, this past weekend, Sandy's parents kindly loaned us their equipments and expertise and we finally decided to give it a go.

While there are a million variations on jarring tomatoes I'll share with you how it went down around here.

Firstly, get the water to boil. As getting a pot that large to boil can take a while...

busy yourself by chopping up your onions, garlic and hot peppers.

Once the water boils toss in the tomatoes and leave them...

until the water comes back up to a boil.

Then scoop them out and

run them through a groovy machine like this,

that separates the skin and the seeds from the gold.

Next we added those chopped onions, garlic, and hot peppers,

along with a jar of olive oil and lots of fresh basil.

For the next hour and a half we took turns stirring. We had clear instructions that the sauce must be stirred constantly as one burnt bit would ruin the batch.

Time to get the sauce in the jars.

Ensure the lip of each jar is clean and dry before placing on the lid and ring.

Place your jars back in the pot on a blankets to prevent rattles and cracks. Cover with water. Bring back up to a rolling boil for 10 minutes and then remove, place in a cool, dark home overnight and check for tight seals in the morning.

Anything that didn't fit in the jars (do yourself a favour and make sure that's a hearty portion)...

serve al fresco with a fresh, lightly toasted baguette, some olive oil, and buffalo mozzarella.

Success! Huge success!

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