Friday, September 9, 2011

Little Smiley Faces

make me happy.

I've been watching a little bit of the 9/11 10th anniversary coverage.

It breaks my heart and I don't understand it.

As far back as I can remember I know I've always struggled to understand violence and aggression. I can also remember my parents trying to explain why the atrocities of the world occur as sensitively as possible to me. Certainly hoping to protect my nativity and innocence as best they could.

Clearly they did a fine job as, to this day, I prefer to view the world through rose coloured glasses and still can't never wrap my head around hostility.

But here's to hoping one day there won't be a need to explain hostility and destructiveness to our children. Here's to hoping one day our naive and innocent children grow into naive and innocent adults with hearts full of joy, love, and empathy.

Here's to hoping.

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