Monday, October 31, 2011

Robots With Emotions

make me happy.

Byrdie and Evan seemed to have a better grasp on what exactly Halloween is this year.

And with that better understanding came more celebrations!

In the morning their pre-schcool was having a Halloween party and encouraged the kids to come in costume.

As the costumes we had picked up back in September were all warm and padded, clearly designed for them to walk around in the cool evening,

and would lead to certain over heating after running around indoors for 2 hours with 12 other toddlers, it was decided a costume change was in order.

I picked up the mummy outfit and cowboy get-up last minute at Winners for 75% off- both for $13!

Unfortunately when it came time for the robot costume, which I had been pumping up about for 2 months now, someone wasn't too into it.

And someone else doesn't look too impressed.

But of course things turned around,

and then around again.

Ahhhh, two year olds, got to love 'em!

Happy, happy Halloween.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Red Hot Deals

make me happy.

The other day Sandy came home from work and jumped right in to Dadding.

Getting dinner into them, rushing to the potty, whipping pants off, chasing them around to get the pants back on, mediating toy time, teaching sharing and co-operation, and that was just the first twenty minutes.

With bedtime still a good hour and a half away I hear Sandy call over to Evan,

"Hey Ev! I'll give you $100 if you go to bed right now."

Evan stares blankly back at him. Kelly and Kevyn break up laughing. I immediately declare,

"I'll take that deal!"

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Playa's Ball Champ

makes me happy.

As the 2011 Major League Baseball season could very well come to a close tonight, I thought it best I get this post up now, about how proud I am of my husband, the Playa's Ball Fantasy Baseball Champion!

Other Fantasy widows out there may be shaking their heads saying 'Proud, what?!? This Fantasy baseball is making me crazy!'

True, it is a long season ladies. And yes, there are times during the summer that EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION parlay's it's self into one about Teixeira, Pence, Putz, or Phillips. But, it makes him happy. So very, very happy. And when he's happy, I'm happy.

My only beef, the one thing that gets me fired up, is when Kev thinks I'm getting annoyed with his endless stat tracking and trade dealings and he looks over at me and smugly suggests that he is doing this for the money.

"Stacy, I could win a lot of money from this."

Babe, don't EVER do it for the money. Do it for the love of it. Because even though you did bring home the grand prize, which was lovely, if I divided it by the total numbers of hours you put in... I'm sad to say it's not worth the 35¢/hr.

Congratulations my sweetheart.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


makes me happy.

Look who's been hopping around our house for the past couple weeks.

And by around, I mean around the outside of our house.

Until the other day when we just couldn't resist him and longer finally bent over and picked him up. And kind of gave him a name. And maybe some food. And then even let him hop around inside our house.

We keep letting him out, to run free and do his thing, and he keeps coming back.

Now were not sure what to do. The kids like him enough but don't seem to be old enough to want him.

And us? About the same as the kids. And if we're going to invest anymore time in cleaning up poop we're thinking it needs be the poop of another dog.

So I'll keep you posted as to how this plays out. Unless of course you live in Toronto and are in the market for a super cute dwarf bunny... call me.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rule Breakers

make me happy.

Back to the apple orchard this past Saturday.

This time to celebrate Edison's 1st birthday!

It's shocking to me that she's already one year old. And I'm not even the mom who put in the endless amount of love and devotion that makes that first year feel like one long blur of joy and sleeplessness.

But here we all are,

gathered on tractors,

wearing our toques,

smiling in daddy's arms,

picking apples,

eating apples,

and celebrating Edison.

Kelly read somewhere that,

as a rule of thumb,

a child should have the same number of children at their birthday party as the number of years old they are.

Though just like her mommy, I don't think Edison is going to be one for rules.

Happy Birthday you sweet, sweet munchkin.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ellen Scissor Hands

makes me happy.

So my mom stuck her head in the door this afternoon to say hello & good-bye, her and my dad were going out for the evening. She also let me know she's been cutting these stuck-together-lumps of fur out of the cat's coat that we haven't been able to brush out. I'm sure she wanted to let me know in case I saw the cat and all of a sudden thought the cat had gone ballistic and started ripping her fur out (as had happened with one of my mother's other cats).

About an hour later Kelly was going up to my parents place and came back as was all, "Shushee's got a something wrong with her!"

And I was all, "No. No. My just cut out those lumps of fur."

And she was all, "Stacy! The cat's got a giant cut on her side."

So I'm thinking, 'Oh, maybe there was a rash under those lumps. Or, maybe the cat got into a little tiff outside.' I mean, in all honesty, Kelly does like to speak in dramatics and put on a bit of a show sometimes.

So I slowly get up and go look at the cat.


Now Kelly and I are both standing there, hands covering mouths, thinking 'What the f%#*?!?'



"Mom cut the cat's skin off when she was cutting out those lumps."

Barfing motion.

"KEVYN! You've got to take the cat to the vet!"

Then I text my father to let him know what mom has done.

He's all apologetic, sorry for the hassle, and says he'll cover the cost.

I'm all like, "No worries, just never let mom near any living object with scissors in her hand again."

Now don't get me wrong, if anyone or anything I ever cared about was suffering from some aliment that needed any sort of treatment other then needs to be cut out I would point them in mom's direction. She is such a whiz with home remedies and care that I'm surprised didn't choose to become a nurse or doctor when growing up, but... and there's a big BUT...

Have I ever told you she once snipped the end of my childhood dog's tail off while trying to cut burrs out it?

Like I said, if she ever approaches you with scissors in her hand... RUN.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

At Home Exercising

makes me happy.

I'm sitting here trying to think of something insightful to write,

you know, like maybe something about how my life has a really nice flow to it these days.

How I feel like I have time to get the things down that I need to get done, time to enjoy my job,

time to get out and about with Byrdie and friends,

and time to think creatively. Creative thinking is one of my most favourite things to do. It's right up there behind creative execution.

But the whole time I'm thinking about all this my husband is doing his exercise routine in front of me in the living room, so really, all I end up thinking is...

'Man, is he ever hot.'

Monday, October 17, 2011

Being Generous With Time

makes me happy.

I have this dream that Byrdie will want, and value, time with Kevyn and myself more then she will things.

I know thinking back on my own childhood that the memories I cherish the most are those of the experiences I shared with my family.

I would actually be hard pressed to remember anything physical I received that greatly altered my long term happiness.

Maybe a bike, or running spikes, or a baseball glove. But all those things are then based around the experiences you have with them, right?

I read an interesting point in Jesse Dylan's The Good Life about time.

It was something Yossi Ghinsberg said...

"We have an illusion, and the illusion is that we don't have any time. Constantly we are under stress and pressure. The only thing that we have is time, and we have to celebrate and cherish that."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The First Ever Toronto Sandwich Rally

makes me happy.

Our buddy Rob has pitched and shot as many, if not more, television pilots then Kev and I have, and is over it. So he started thinking outside the box. What is the next stage in entertainment? Is network television a dying medium? And he began brainstorming. Coming up with a ton of cool ideas, pondering them, discussing them, and now has decided it's time to simply go ahead and execute them. Execution with no attachment to the outcome. Basically, here's the raw idea, here's some rough guidelines, and who wants to give it a shot?

We do. We do.

First up... a Toronto Sandwich Rally!

The idea - in teams of two or more we met at a common location in our vehicles, we're were all given the same list of two delis, two bakeries, and two cheese shops, we had to visit one location of each to pick up our fixin's, in any order, and meet back at the Steam Whistle Brewery in 90minutes or less.

The goal... layered and multi faceted. Certainly there was the element of the race, who knows the city the best, who knows which roads rock at which time of day, who can get from A to B to C and across the finish line the fastest.

Of course there's the sandwiches too. With unknown options ahead which team can put together the best sandwich on their feet.

Then there was also the more ambiguous goal of sharing. In today's mentality of here and now, how about we share the race happenings live as we go. Fun with Facebook and Twitter on the go, hoping friends or followers chime in with quips or tips.

Got it?

We're off!

Of our two deli options Kev, Byrdie and I choose Sanagan's in Kensington Market.

Only to find out they only sold RAW meat. A slight oversight on our fearless leader's part - I'm looking at you Rob.

Don't get down Byrd we'll find a solution,

and a ginger bread man while we're looking for it.

There we go, a couple blocks over we stumble upon Easton's. While not one of the options on the list we figure a viable option everything considered.

Viable option indeed! The awesome dude behind the counter sliced me up some paper thin smoked duck and we were off.

All smiles,

checking out the fresh produce,

and picking up empanadas on the way.

Next we headed north, found and paid for parking (we're totally rule following parents),

and popped in Thobors French Bakery for a poppy seed baguette... and a pain au chocolate.

South, south, east now, down to the Leslieville Cheese Market.

Where this guy rocked my socks. I told him what I was working with (smoked duck, poppy seed baguette) he asked me about ten more questions and then served up this...

a soft creamy cow's milk cheese from Quebec. A hint of mushrooms, buttery, melt in the mouth kind of cheese.

Then, in the backseat of the car, with my knife, cutting board and dijon mustard (hey! I'm a mom - I come prepared), I put this little bit of heaven together.

And while we were last to arrive, our sandwich was first on the taste buds and the event... a certain success.