Monday, October 17, 2011

Being Generous With Time

makes me happy.

I have this dream that Byrdie will want, and value, time with Kevyn and myself more then she will things.

I know thinking back on my own childhood that the memories I cherish the most are those of the experiences I shared with my family.

I would actually be hard pressed to remember anything physical I received that greatly altered my long term happiness.

Maybe a bike, or running spikes, or a baseball glove. But all those things are then based around the experiences you have with them, right?

I read an interesting point in Jesse Dylan's The Good Life about time.

It was something Yossi Ghinsberg said...

"We have an illusion, and the illusion is that we don't have any time. Constantly we are under stress and pressure. The only thing that we have is time, and we have to celebrate and cherish that."

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Lulu and Ruby said...

I love that quote - it's very true! We always seem to be rushing around trying to find more time and fit more in to time but really we should sit back and just enjoy the time that we do have. great post :)