Thursday, October 13, 2011

The First Ever Toronto Sandwich Rally

makes me happy.

Our buddy Rob has pitched and shot as many, if not more, television pilots then Kev and I have, and is over it. So he started thinking outside the box. What is the next stage in entertainment? Is network television a dying medium? And he began brainstorming. Coming up with a ton of cool ideas, pondering them, discussing them, and now has decided it's time to simply go ahead and execute them. Execution with no attachment to the outcome. Basically, here's the raw idea, here's some rough guidelines, and who wants to give it a shot?

We do. We do.

First up... a Toronto Sandwich Rally!

The idea - in teams of two or more we met at a common location in our vehicles, we're were all given the same list of two delis, two bakeries, and two cheese shops, we had to visit one location of each to pick up our fixin's, in any order, and meet back at the Steam Whistle Brewery in 90minutes or less.

The goal... layered and multi faceted. Certainly there was the element of the race, who knows the city the best, who knows which roads rock at which time of day, who can get from A to B to C and across the finish line the fastest.

Of course there's the sandwiches too. With unknown options ahead which team can put together the best sandwich on their feet.

Then there was also the more ambiguous goal of sharing. In today's mentality of here and now, how about we share the race happenings live as we go. Fun with Facebook and Twitter on the go, hoping friends or followers chime in with quips or tips.

Got it?

We're off!

Of our two deli options Kev, Byrdie and I choose Sanagan's in Kensington Market.

Only to find out they only sold RAW meat. A slight oversight on our fearless leader's part - I'm looking at you Rob.

Don't get down Byrd we'll find a solution,

and a ginger bread man while we're looking for it.

There we go, a couple blocks over we stumble upon Easton's. While not one of the options on the list we figure a viable option everything considered.

Viable option indeed! The awesome dude behind the counter sliced me up some paper thin smoked duck and we were off.

All smiles,

checking out the fresh produce,

and picking up empanadas on the way.

Next we headed north, found and paid for parking (we're totally rule following parents),

and popped in Thobors French Bakery for a poppy seed baguette... and a pain au chocolate.

South, south, east now, down to the Leslieville Cheese Market.

Where this guy rocked my socks. I told him what I was working with (smoked duck, poppy seed baguette) he asked me about ten more questions and then served up this...

a soft creamy cow's milk cheese from Quebec. A hint of mushrooms, buttery, melt in the mouth kind of cheese.

Then, in the backseat of the car, with my knife, cutting board and dijon mustard (hey! I'm a mom - I come prepared), I put this little bit of heaven together.

And while we were last to arrive, our sandwich was first on the taste buds and the event... a certain success.


Rob said...

Great job Stac, you're a blogging artist.

tracy martineau said...

This is a great idea Stacy!!! I absolutely would join in.....Ottawa vs Toronto???? Next episode!! Good luck! xo

Erika said...

That sandwich looks divine!
I will have to reproduce it :)

Stefani said...

La Sauvagine is one of my most favourite cheeses! And I agree that abput an Ottawa vs. Toronto rally.
(I'm formerly of Toronto, now in Ottawa, and a quiet follower of your blog. :)

Ashwini Damani said...