Tuesday, October 25, 2011


makes me happy.

Look who's been hopping around our house for the past couple weeks.

And by around, I mean around the outside of our house.

Until the other day when we just couldn't resist him and longer finally bent over and picked him up. And kind of gave him a name. And maybe some food. And then even let him hop around inside our house.

We keep letting him out, to run free and do his thing, and he keeps coming back.

Now were not sure what to do. The kids like him enough but don't seem to be old enough to want him.

And us? About the same as the kids. And if we're going to invest anymore time in cleaning up poop we're thinking it needs be the poop of another dog.

So I'll keep you posted as to how this plays out. Unless of course you live in Toronto and are in the market for a super cute dwarf bunny... call me.


Kwil said...

oh man. too cute.

Anonymous said...

We found one in our backyard which was obviously a domesticated bunny that was turned put by it's owners. Sounds like it could be the same situation. If you are not going to keep it you might want to call a rescue centre.