Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How My Mom Used To Greet The Day

makes me happy.

I'm currently reading The Good Life by Jesse Dylan. I can read these books about happiness and joy all day long - they're really my thing.

Anyhoo - here's the first excerpt I'd like to share...

One of Bernie's (Dr Bernie Siegel) favorites is pretending that he has just arrived on Planet Earth for the first time when he wakes up in the morning.

"I try to see everything as if it's the first time," says Bernie. "Every morning when I get up, I say to myself, 'This is your first day on the planet.' And wow, things get interesting.

Which reminded me of how my mom used to greet the morning when I was little...

"Good morning World, this is Ellen!"

Then she would make a really low voice and say...

"Good morning Ellen, this is World!"

It always made me laugh.

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