Monday, October 31, 2011

Robots With Emotions

make me happy.

Byrdie and Evan seemed to have a better grasp on what exactly Halloween is this year.

And with that better understanding came more celebrations!

In the morning their pre-schcool was having a Halloween party and encouraged the kids to come in costume.

As the costumes we had picked up back in September were all warm and padded, clearly designed for them to walk around in the cool evening,

and would lead to certain over heating after running around indoors for 2 hours with 12 other toddlers, it was decided a costume change was in order.

I picked up the mummy outfit and cowboy get-up last minute at Winners for 75% off- both for $13!

Unfortunately when it came time for the robot costume, which I had been pumping up about for 2 months now, someone wasn't too into it.

And someone else doesn't look too impressed.

But of course things turned around,

and then around again.

Ahhhh, two year olds, got to love 'em!

Happy, happy Halloween.

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Anonymous said...

so fun how your blog has seemlessly changed since the kiddies, just like life. i have a 17 mo old daughter. its been so great growing with you guys:). thanks.