Monday, October 24, 2011

Rule Breakers

make me happy.

Back to the apple orchard this past Saturday.

This time to celebrate Edison's 1st birthday!

It's shocking to me that she's already one year old. And I'm not even the mom who put in the endless amount of love and devotion that makes that first year feel like one long blur of joy and sleeplessness.

But here we all are,

gathered on tractors,

wearing our toques,

smiling in daddy's arms,

picking apples,

eating apples,

and celebrating Edison.

Kelly read somewhere that,

as a rule of thumb,

a child should have the same number of children at their birthday party as the number of years old they are.

Though just like her mommy, I don't think Edison is going to be one for rules.

Happy Birthday you sweet, sweet munchkin.

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