Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Putting Some Elbow Grease Into It

makes me happy.

Have you ever...

chopped and chopped and chopped...

onions and garlic on your cutting board for dinner preparations,

washed it, and then immediately chopped a kiwi and plum on it to make yourself an afternoon fruit salad,

only to realize you hadn't exactly washed the cutting board as best you could have?

Ewwwww, is right Byrdie.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Livin' It Out Anyway You Feel

makes me happy.

So I've been slightly obsessed with My Morning Jacket's Circuital album ever since attending their Toronto show back in July (probably my most favourite concert ever).

I knew we were nearing the end of Cashius' life when we went out that night and my heart was open. The music filled it.

The whole album is awesome but at different times, different songs have resonated with me more clearly. I'm not sure why, but I'm currently totally digging Outta My System...

They're playing Madison Square Garden in New York City on December 14th. One of my most favourite bands in one of my most favourite cities. A close girlfriend of ours is going and of course she invited Kevyn and I to join her but it's just not currently in the cards. Do me a favour though, if there's any chance it's in your hand of cards... DO IT!

But don't be surprised if you then can't get them outta your system.

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Silly Cents

makes me happy.

And if I were to give my 2¢ advice about romantic relationships,

as I'm sure that's all it's worth, it would go something like this...

Get plenty of sleep because you can be sure the silliest, smallest, most trivial misunderstandings will turn into the ugliest, most ridiculous blowouts when any given party of said relationship is exhausted, and practice, practice, practice...

making munchkins.

Warning - don't actually make many, many, many munchkins as you'll then never be able to follow the first cent of advice, but do practice - it makes perfection all around.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Back Step

makes me happy.

Carrying on with my thoughts from yesterday... at the end of the day, if I can't seem to change my behaviour enough to allow the positivity to flow within any given relationship, I feel no way about taking a step away from it.

I have no desire to spend my precious time around negativity and totally understand that not everyone is going to be jiving on the same vibe as me, so with love in my heart, for them and our relationship, I take a break.

I have to tell you this has worked out swimmingly every time I've tried it. Either, over time, the person has turned into a friendly acquaintance or, together we've been able to build a connection with a much better understanding and appreciation for one another.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Big Hearts All Around

make me happy.

The other thing I think always helps me in my relationships is assuming the best.

Assuming that no matter how self centered, angry, or mean someone might be coming across, I always try to assume that that is not their intention. For whatever reason, I believe they are sharing their message this way because they think it's the only way to be heard and not because they are purposefully trying to be negative.

It often causes me to wonder - what is it I'm doing to enable this negativity? Why doesn't this person feel comfortable just being chill around me? And how can I change that?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning

makes me happy.

I'm re-reading Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina and it just so happens to have some pretty great advice on how to maintain those happiness giving relationships I mentioned on Friday.

Firstly - Emotional Regulation

We are most likely to maintain deep, long-term relationships with people who are nice. Individuals who are thoughtful, kind, sensitive, outward focused, accommodating, and forgiving have deeper, more lasting friendships -and lower divorce rates- then people who are moody, impulsive, rude, self-centered, inflexible, and vindictive.

Secondly - Empathy

To have empathy, your child must cultivate the ability to peer inside the psychological interiors of someone else, accurately comprehend that person's behavioral reward and punishment systems, then respond with kindness and understanding. These behaviors are so powerful, they can keep not only parents and children together but husbands and wives together. If your marriage has a 3-to-1 ratio of active-constructive versus toxic-conflict interactions, your relationship is nearly divorce proof.

May I add to that list...

Thirdly - Channel Sunday Mornings

How about we treat each relationship as if we were breaking bread together over a cup of java and some eggs benny on a Sunday morning? I mean seriously - whose ever a jack a#$ at Sunday brunch. No one. Ever.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Grant Study

makes me happy.

Here, another point of happiness I believe I may have mentioned before, but not sure if I then knew the source of the information.

It is The Grant Study that has extensively collected information since 1937 trying to answer the question: What makes people happy?

After decades of research they came up with this...

The only thing that really matters in life are your relationships to other people.

Something to chew on this weekend.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Minutes of Evening Fall

make me happy.

I must have told you before how much I love when the street lights come on while the sun is still setting, yes?

See the lamp post in the forefront of the photo? Under the pine tree?


The thing about the evening in the fall is that it's just so darn short. For a couple moments around 4:30pm the sun is a giant glowing ball of orange in the sky and the then poof! it's gone. It's those 2 minutes, from 4:30pm til 4:32pm, when the street lights come on, people start turning on their house lamps and the whole block seems warm and aglow that I go bonkers over.

Anyone else picking up what I'm laying down?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting Cozy

makes me happy.

This afternoon Byrdie asked me if she could watch Monsters in my bed.

"Of course sweet heart. Jump in."

I put the DVD in and walked over to the bed and covered her up with my duvet and then started to walk away.

"Mommy! Come get cozy with me."

Add that to the list of questions I could never say no to.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Elvis Claus

makes me happy.

We did a little Christmas decorating yesterday.

Yes, I love Christmas decorations. I also love Christmas music. And I LOVE Christmas movies. I even recently proposed the name Sparky to Kevyn if we were to ever have a baby boy.

It's totally awesome having all those little white Christmas lights brightening up the place. And the kids had a ball going through all the bins of decor.

It got me very excited for the day we actually begin finishing and decorating our space. Truth be told, I've been getting excited about this for a while and have become a Pin Interest addict - have you tried it?

But the plan has always been, and will remain, to begin finishing our space in the new year after Kelly, Sandy and the kids move into their new home. And even then I know the process won't be an over night one. But our limited time and money for home projects have brought more value to my life then any counter top or flooring ever could... as a teacher of patience.

Time to enjoy the twinkling white lights, let ideas brew, and pin away!

Friday, November 11, 2011


makes me happy.

We were at the Royal Winter Fair today.

I liked it. Not sure I loved it.

One of the nicest parts for me, and not something that was planned, was being a part of a large group of people for the 11am moment of silence in honour of our veterans.

I could feel the love and gratitude.

The kid's reactions to the animals always cracks me up. From joy and amazement...

to complete terror and horror.

Thank goodness for friends who make it all better.

And then there were the Super Dogs, which were pretty cool and got the kids dancing and clapping to the loud music.

Personally they got me think about my Cashius and how super, awesome she was. My lord she would have loved to be down on that stage!

More feelings of love and gratitude.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ten Foot Poles

make me happy.

And while we're on the topic of beds... remember the other night when I was so tired I went to bed at 8:26pm?

Just me and the three monitors, each with one deeply sleeping babe on the other end.

Or so I thought.

Kelly and Sandy hadn't been out the door for more then 20 minutes when Edison started up.

I had clear instructions to let her be. "She might cry a bit but, she'll stop. We usually don't go down there before 5am."

And sure enough she stopped. Perfect, let's get our sleep on.

Hold on! What's that? I sit up and look across the room at the monitors and now Evan's is lit up like a disco party. So I'm thinking, 'They really didn't tell me what to do about Evan if he gets up. Probably because he usually doesn't.'

Well if he doesn't usually get up, and he is, there must be something wrong.

Up, out of bed, and off I go to Evan's room.

"Hey buddy you okay?" I think he mumbled something about his music box being off. Okay, I can fix this, even though it was dark and I not well versed with his funky equipment, I fumbled around trying to solve the problem as best I could. As I was unsure if Evan realized it was me and not his mom I refused to turn on the light and ruin the dream. And although I didn't solve the problem the little guy got so bored waiting for me to that he fell back asleep.

Damn I'm good.

Okay sleep, here I come.

Twenty minutes later, disco show! Evan again.

"Where's my mommy?!? Where's my mommy!?!"

Shit! He knew it was me. Well I can't let him carry on and on in desperation for his mommy.

Up, out and off I go.

Probably a half dozen move times until Kelly and Sandy come home around midnight.

At which point Kelly walks into my room, kind of tip toeing, kind of wobbling, headed right toward me in my bed.

"The monitors are over there by the door where you came in." I remind her, slightly frightened as to why she's coming so close to me.

But my words don't stop her. She's still coming!

I yell whisper now, dreadfully concerned she wants to kiss me, or something equally as mushy, to thank me for watching the kids, "Over there! By the door! Look behind you!"

"What?!? Oh yeah. Why are you yelling at me?" she asks.

Because I thought you were going to get drunk sappy on me.

"I'm not! Just tired okay!"

"Okay. Thanks."

Music to my ears. A verbal thanks. The most perfect way for an intoxicated person could express gratitude toward me.

You remember I'm a bartender right? I have the right to be concerned!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back To Our Wanton Ways

makes me happy.

Speaking of king size bed frames.

When the opportunity for Kev and I to obtain a new bed frame presented it's self I think my sister almost fell to her knees in gratitude and probably would have personally drove out to Stevensville to pick it up all by her lonesome had we not been able to do it ourselves.

You see, in our current tight living quarters, our bedroom is directly over Kelly's living room. Which would probably be a good thing if Kev and I liked to make love in the evening. Alas, we do not.

No, in fact our favourite time to make love is right after we get the Byrd down for her nap, around 1:30pm. Unfortunately, Evan doesn't usually hit the hay till closer to 2pm and likes to spend that last have hour relaxing. Watching Max & Ruby. With his mother. In the living room.

The cherry on the cake? Our old bed squeaked like a mother f#%$er.

"Mommy what's that?!?"

"Oh just Kevyn drilling."

"Wanna see it!"

"No Evan, it's like thunder. You can only hear it but never see it."

And have I ever told how important I believe it is for couples to make love often?


Needless to say that bed was creating a hot and heavy situation. And not the good kind.

But the new bed - she's solid! Like a rock.

Solutions people. It's all about the solutions.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthdays & Beds

make me happy.

Sunday morning Kev, Byrdie and I drove up to Stevensville to give Adel a birthday kiss and squeeze.

In truth the trip came about because Adel offered us a king size bed frame that she no longer wanted and that Kevyn was in love with, but...

I was super stoked that we were able to arrange the trip on her birthday to get in said kiss and squeeze.

I think we were all also unbelievably stoked about the weather on Sunday!

Sixteen and sunny. Brilliant.

There was also fresh bagels, yummy sandwiches, and cupcakes involved.

It was one of those days that wasn't really planned out but just came together in the most awesome way.

I like to call that, living in the moment.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Those Smiles

make me happy.

It's 8:26pm, on a Friday night, and I'm writing this blog from my bed.

Everyone has gone out, it's me and three monitors, I've even passed on making myself dinner because... I'm so excited to go to sleep.

I can't EVER remember being tired like this before I had the Byrd. I mean why would I be so tired before? If I needed to get more sleep I just would. Sure there was always work, but there was also always the weekend, or mornings that I could sleep in and catch up.

It's really no matter because the second I see that smiley face of hers I light up and am ready to go! And really, I suppose there still is time to catch up on my sleep, like when she's sleeping.

So on that note... good night.

Hope your Friday night is as enjoyable as mine.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Those Books Without Pictures

make me happy.

The other day Byrd picked up a book of mine, which sadly did not have any pictures in it, and asked me if she could read it to me.

"Absolutely!" I replied.

She carefully opened it, flipped a few pages and said...

"Once upon a time,

letters, letters, letters,

the end."

And then slammed it shut.

Then we both cracked up laughing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Wonderful Brother In-Law

makes me happy.

What do you think about...

eating some chocolate,

tasting some wine,

joking around,

with good friends

about old times,

all while tasting wine? (Oooops did I already say that?)

Okay then

How about,

enjoying some brunch,

eating some cheese,

and tasting even more wine,

all while

enjoying a perfectly

Ontario fall day to ring in your 40th year?

You tell me Sandy - good?

Happy Birthday brother! Here's to another 40 more!