Friday, November 11, 2011


makes me happy.

We were at the Royal Winter Fair today.

I liked it. Not sure I loved it.

One of the nicest parts for me, and not something that was planned, was being a part of a large group of people for the 11am moment of silence in honour of our veterans.

I could feel the love and gratitude.

The kid's reactions to the animals always cracks me up. From joy and amazement...

to complete terror and horror.

Thank goodness for friends who make it all better.

And then there were the Super Dogs, which were pretty cool and got the kids dancing and clapping to the loud music.

Personally they got me think about my Cashius and how super, awesome she was. My lord she would have loved to be down on that stage!

More feelings of love and gratitude.

1 comment: Maegan said...

This post is really sweet... BUT Byrdie's outfit is OFF THE CHARTS AMAZING ;) {with the sweater and without} just saying.

The book about letters post was adorable as well.