Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back To Our Wanton Ways

makes me happy.

Speaking of king size bed frames.

When the opportunity for Kev and I to obtain a new bed frame presented it's self I think my sister almost fell to her knees in gratitude and probably would have personally drove out to Stevensville to pick it up all by her lonesome had we not been able to do it ourselves.

You see, in our current tight living quarters, our bedroom is directly over Kelly's living room. Which would probably be a good thing if Kev and I liked to make love in the evening. Alas, we do not.

No, in fact our favourite time to make love is right after we get the Byrd down for her nap, around 1:30pm. Unfortunately, Evan doesn't usually hit the hay till closer to 2pm and likes to spend that last have hour relaxing. Watching Max & Ruby. With his mother. In the living room.

The cherry on the cake? Our old bed squeaked like a mother f#%$er.

"Mommy what's that?!?"

"Oh just Kevyn drilling."

"Wanna see it!"

"No Evan, it's like thunder. You can only hear it but never see it."

And have I ever told how important I believe it is for couples to make love often?


Needless to say that bed was creating a hot and heavy situation. And not the good kind.

But the new bed - she's solid! Like a rock.

Solutions people. It's all about the solutions.

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