Monday, November 21, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning

makes me happy.

I'm re-reading Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina and it just so happens to have some pretty great advice on how to maintain those happiness giving relationships I mentioned on Friday.

Firstly - Emotional Regulation

We are most likely to maintain deep, long-term relationships with people who are nice. Individuals who are thoughtful, kind, sensitive, outward focused, accommodating, and forgiving have deeper, more lasting friendships -and lower divorce rates- then people who are moody, impulsive, rude, self-centered, inflexible, and vindictive.

Secondly - Empathy

To have empathy, your child must cultivate the ability to peer inside the psychological interiors of someone else, accurately comprehend that person's behavioral reward and punishment systems, then respond with kindness and understanding. These behaviors are so powerful, they can keep not only parents and children together but husbands and wives together. If your marriage has a 3-to-1 ratio of active-constructive versus toxic-conflict interactions, your relationship is nearly divorce proof.

May I add to that list...

Thirdly - Channel Sunday Mornings

How about we treat each relationship as if we were breaking bread together over a cup of java and some eggs benny on a Sunday morning? I mean seriously - whose ever a jack a#$ at Sunday brunch. No one. Ever.

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