Monday, November 14, 2011

Elvis Claus

makes me happy.

We did a little Christmas decorating yesterday.

Yes, I love Christmas decorations. I also love Christmas music. And I LOVE Christmas movies. I even recently proposed the name Sparky to Kevyn if we were to ever have a baby boy.

It's totally awesome having all those little white Christmas lights brightening up the place. And the kids had a ball going through all the bins of decor.

It got me very excited for the day we actually begin finishing and decorating our space. Truth be told, I've been getting excited about this for a while and have become a Pin Interest addict - have you tried it?

But the plan has always been, and will remain, to begin finishing our space in the new year after Kelly, Sandy and the kids move into their new home. And even then I know the process won't be an over night one. But our limited time and money for home projects have brought more value to my life then any counter top or flooring ever could... as a teacher of patience.

Time to enjoy the twinkling white lights, let ideas brew, and pin away!

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