Friday, November 4, 2011

Those Smiles

make me happy.

It's 8:26pm, on a Friday night, and I'm writing this blog from my bed.

Everyone has gone out, it's me and three monitors, I've even passed on making myself dinner because... I'm so excited to go to sleep.

I can't EVER remember being tired like this before I had the Byrd. I mean why would I be so tired before? If I needed to get more sleep I just would. Sure there was always work, but there was also always the weekend, or mornings that I could sleep in and catch up.

It's really no matter because the second I see that smiley face of hers I light up and am ready to go! And really, I suppose there still is time to catch up on my sleep, like when she's sleeping.

So on that note... good night.

Hope your Friday night is as enjoyable as mine.

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