Wednesday, December 21, 2011

F*&$ing Hot Cast Iron Pans

make me happy.

Today, on my favourite day of the year, I offered to make my sister dinner for her birthday.

I picked up some beauty scallops, crab claw meat, parm and fettuccine. I was using a recipe I had never tired before but felt confident in my skills that I could work it out.

My biggest concern was cooking the scallops properly. Nicely seared yet not over cooked and rubbery. Thinking a cast iron pan would give me the heat I needed I asked Kelly to borrow if I may borrow hers and then warmed her up to a proper medium-high.

I should have stopped when the first pat of butter hit the pan and evaporated in an instant puff of black smoke.

I. Did. Not.

And dude! It got smokey in here!

But no one got mad. No one freaked out.

They laughed, opened windows, fetched me new fry pan, kept the noodles moist, and basically gave me the confidence to pull this effort back together.

Which we did. And it rocked. And we were in our pajamas the whole time.

Another reason why... this is my favourite day of the year.

Happy birthday sis.

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