Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feeding The Birds

makes me happy.

The Christies hosted their first annual...

Feed The Birds Christmas party this past weekend and we were thrilled to be invited.

The basic idea was to string up some pine cones, lather them in lard, and roll them in bird seed. Everyone then hiked out to the ravine behind their house and hung the winter bird treats in trees big and small.

Of course there were lots of Christmas treats, tasty beverages and Marla and Aaron's easy, breezy hosting approach (as I believe is a must when 25 kids or so are running around your house covered in lard and bird seed) to make it a day to remember and one to look forward to next year.

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Meghan @ Making Love In The Kitchen said...

What a fantabulous idea! I just love this idea, thanks for sharing!