Monday, January 23, 2012

The Companion of Wisdom

makes we happy.

Sunday morning we headed down to the Dakota Tavern for a little bluegrass brunch. As you can tell from the photo... it was a kind of busy.

And while I'm attentively teaching Byrdie the virtues of patience, at this point in time, hunger and waiting is not a combination she's quite got a handle on.

We'll get there. In the meantime there's always The Lakeview (with only a 10 minute wait - Toronto is brunch crazy!).

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Gwen Styles said...

A friend and I were going to go to Easy at Queen/Roncy for brunch on Sunday, but the lineup was so long that we popped over to Cardinal Rule instead, where we had fabulous eggs benny! I love brunch, and I love brunch in Toronto.