Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Dream Installation Team

makes me happy.

Now old tiger blood is now down for the count. What a week!

You know, I'm not one for new year's resolutions as I'm generally trying to better myself on a daily basis but of course, after a couple weeks of over eating the typical holiday foods and desserts I always find the beginning of January a good time to increase my levels of exercise. I few more push-ups here, a bit more skipping there.

Yeah so, that hasn't happened at all this week.

Firstly exhausted from the sickness myself, then tired from being up all night with the Byrd, having the busiest work week I've had in months, and now the husband's a wreck in bed.

So how am I to feel about this miserable week with no exercise?

Fine. I accept it, there is no other option. Is the ol' bod going to fall apart without a week of exercise? No. Will I never have the opportunity to exercise again? No.

So here's to a week of getting by and looking forward to many more productive ones in the near future.

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