Thursday, January 26, 2012

Frog Fart Jokes

make me happy.

In the morning, when Byrdie wakes and calls me to come get her, which I still think is totally awesome as she could easily get out of her bed and open the door herself, I walk in and she usually says something to the effect of,

"All done sleeping mommy! I'm big and strong now!" and she'll flex her bicep for me to feel.

We've told her that her body does all it's growing while she's sleeping and that's why important she gets lots of sleep. Someone is thinking over here, eh?!?

But this morning it was something new...

"Mommy, that frog was farting ALL NIGHT LONG!" she declared while pointing in disgust to her frog humidifier (which glugs each time the reservoir fills).

"How RUDE!" was all I could spit out over a good morning laugh.