Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lessons of a Two Year Old

makes me happy.

I was having a conversation with my sister this morning about times when someone is talking to you and you begin to feel like they are putting you, or your lifestyle, or choices, or general being down, and playing off it off as unintentional. Which in of it's self is weird - if you really want to tell me how absurd I am then just come out with it but don't further negate my intelligence with your silly nilly games.

And all I really had to say about it is, "I don't get it. For me, knowing my comments or conversation may have made someone else feel better in some small way is a most awesome feeling. I want to lift people up not bring them down."

She agreed.

And then it got me thinking how I'm already teaching my 2 year old that lesson. Now if you've ever spent anytime around 2 year olds at all, you know one of their most very favourite words is MINE (drives me batty!). To which you'll very often hear thoughtful parents responding SHARE! But to me simply saying the word share isn't going to do the trick. In my mind the trick is to explain why we share.

And why I tell Byrdie we share is because it makes other people feel good.

And making other people feel good in turn makes you feel SUPER-GOOD!

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jessbannock said...

that's what I'm talking about!